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Common Spiders on the Sunshine Coast - What you need to know

We can all agree that spiders are one of our least favourite house pests. With spring (the season when spiders are most active) on our doorstep, it’s important for Sunshine Coast homeowners to be aware of which creepy crawlies to watch out for in their home, and when it may be time to safeguard your home from these potentially dangerous creatures.

Here are three species commonly found in South-East Queensland to watch out for this spider season:

1. Daddy Long Legs

These spiders can very commonly be found in Sunshine Coast homes, hiding in the upper corners of rooms and other furniture that provides structure for their webs. These spiders are characterised by their long legs. Once believed to produce the most dangerous venom of all the spider species, it was proven that although they do produce venom (which is much less dangerous than what was initially thought), they cannot make enough to harm a human.

Daddy Longlegs Spider Sunshine Coast Spiders

Daddy Longlegs Spider | Image courtesy of Brisbane Insects

2. Huntsman

They are not deadly, but a bite from a Huntsman spider can be quite painful. These common Sunshine Coast spiders can often be found in homes, and under loose bark/leaves in gardens. Females can grow up to 4.5cm, having thick, hairy legs, and ranging from brown, grey and even black.

Huntsman Spider Maroochydore

Huntsman Spider in a home in Cairns | Image Credit: Facebook

3. Golden Orb Spiders

Golden Orb spiders are not dangerous, but this common Sunshine Coast spider builds very thick and sticky webs across trees and fences in gardens. Walking through their webs can be very unpleasant, but there are neither aggressive nor harmful to humans.

Golden Orb Spider | Image Courtesy of The Australian Museum

What to do if you have a spider infestation in your home:

Spiders breed very quickly, so a few sightings can quickly turn into an infestation. If you are not a fan of these common Sunshine Coast house guests, call KCS, the experts in pest control in Nambour and surrounds on 0498 493 529 or email

Find out how we can ensure your Sunshine Coast home is protected against spiders today.



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