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Why Ant Colonies March Into Your Nambour Home

Ants are one of the most common household insects in Nambour, and there's a good reason for it. Not only do their tiny bodies allow them to fit through small spaces, but their colonies are strong and filled with a 'no ant left behind' mentality. Therefore, when one ant makes its way into your cosy, predator-less and food-filled home, they alert other ants of its discovery so they can protect and nourish the entire colony. However, the most alarming part is that standard colonies contain roughly 1,000 to 10,000 ants, meaning you can go from no ants to thousands once they are alerted of your home.

Here at K.C.S, we care about your protection against pests, so we've created a list of 5 possible reasons ants may be marching into your Nambour home.

1. Food is Left Out

One of the most notable reasons an ant colony may sneak into your home is left out food, so it's vital to put away any uneaten food as soon as possible.

2. You Have Pets

Ants aren't just attracted to human food as they also love pet biscuits and water bowls. So, whether you have a dog, cat, bird or guinea pig, keep your house free from leftover pet food and change their water frequently to prevent ants.

3. Taking Shelter from Bad Weather

You may have noticed that ants tend to run around in circles in a panic when the sky is cloudy, which is actually due to the fact that ants can tell when its about to rain. In order to try and protect the colony, they may find shelter in your home.

4. Their Home was Destroyed

When an ant hill is destroyed, ants instantly search for a location to build their new home. In their searches, they may take a look inside of your home.

5. No Reason

Ants are scavengers and are constantly searching everywhere for resources, meaning there may be no reason for ants to come into your home - they may simply be exploring their surroundings. Therefore, the best way to stop ants in your Nambour home is to spray your home.

If you feel your Sunshine Coast home is infested with ants, or you're worried about the possibility of ants infesting your home, don't worry - K.C.S has you covered!

Here at K.C.S, we know what it takes to protect your home against pests. With dedicated client service for our commercial and residential pest control customers, we know the best way to approach the pest problem. K.C.S are the experts in Nambour to keep the pests away from your home. Call us on 0498 493 529 or email for more tips on how to keep bed bugs away from your Nambour home.



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