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We want you to be comfortable in your  home. The staff at K.C.S. Pest Control are specialists who will protect your home from termites all year round.


Termites are a major threat to homes across South-East Queensland, with 1 in 3 being attacked, causing almost $700 million in damage each year. That’s why we provide extensive continued training for our specialist termite pest control technicians. Our termite control services have a three stage process from inspection to treatment, followed by after service care, we can ensure your home remains free of termites in the future.

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Subterranean termites are highly destructive and need to be taken seriously.


Prevention is better than treatment, so a regular termite inspection by a termite pest control technician is recommended, in addition to good property management to stop infestations getting started. Any damage relating to moisture or water need to be resolved quickly and thoroughly, as subterranean termites need moisture to survive. Termites often live completely underground, making detection very difficult. Signs to look out for include bubbling paint on timber, hollow sounding wood and mud tubes on walls and timbers.

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Our specialised termite pest control technicians will develop a treatment plan specifically for your property, environment and local conditions.

​With discreet, in-ground treatments, we’ll establish a perimeter for your home with our protect and prevent methodology. We’ll protect your home from current infestations and prevent new ones from occurring, destroying nearby nests. Our technician will continue to monitor your property and adjust the treatment as required based on reporting from our on-site monitoring stations, ensuring your home remains termite free.

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What makes Termidor the best termite treatment?

A crucial advantage Termidor has over many other products is that it doesn’t repel termites.


Termites are able to detect chemicals in the soil and stay away from them. That means the termites remain active and unaffected, still exploring the area, looking for ways into your home.

Termites can’t detect Termidor, so as they continue to forage through the soil. They unknowingly come into contact with the product, killing them through contact and ingestion.


Because Termites cannott detect Termidor, termites are not aware they are ingesting the product when they eat. They go about their routine activities and will be promptly killed off.

Termidor Termite Treatment
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With dedicated client service for our commercial pest control customers, we know what you need, when you need it and the best way to approach the pest problem. K.C.S. Pest Control are the experts in Nambour to keep the pests away from your business. 

We provide yearly, quarterly pest control plans for your business. We will quote you based upon your individual  needs with no hidden costs. Our commercial pest control team will then be able to treat any problems, and safeguarding the return of pests.

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With almost one in three Australian homes at risk, we take termite protection seriously. It’s never too late to start protecting your home. 

K.C.S. Pest Control have a number modern proven techniques for protecting homes from termites, including monitoring systems, baiting, soil barriers and liquid control treatments for existing problems.. We’ll also educate you on property good management tips to reduce the risk of infestation getting started.

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